A couple important qualities a good teacher should possess

So I personally love to attend classes and workshops for no reason. There's always something to learn, and even if it's in a subject you are already familiar with, a different perspective can always be helpful to see.
Even if I despised the class, I can still learn about what not to do as well as learn about myself based on my own reaction to the experience.

In this age of gurus and occasional charlatanry it can sometimes be difficult to discern the BS from the stuff of real value.
Here are a couple things I look for in a teacher truly secure and confident in what they do.

-Have a logical and specific reason for doing things a certain way. Always ask why. Questionable answers include: "we've always done it this way", "it's what my coach had me do", "Don't question the system". If they cannot explain why they do something, that smells strongly of bullshit.

-Admit to not knowing something. Momentarily being in a position of authority does not make anyone's knowledge absolute. There is no shame admitting this, to me it's actually a huge mark of confidence and humility. Nobody knows everything, and in essence everyone knows something you don't. Personally I find my own teaching experiences just as educational for me as for the workshop attendees, if not more so.

Last one is probably cliche, but a good teacher should embody what they teach. They should live it. What they teach should come out of their own experience.
It's easy to regurgitate information out of a book or generic "teacher training" but it's a bit more difficult to use your own experiences and observations as your guide.
If you are looking to teach something I think the most difficult part of the process is gathering enough experience and figuring out how to apply it. If only you could learn that in a weekend certification.
Unfortunately it takes years of mistakes, experimentation, and implementation.

Coming soon: The Yuri Method(TM) Weekend Certification of how to acquire experience