Honest Marketing

Going to be honest here, sometimes it's difficult to keep a no-BS approach within the fitness/movement/whatever industry. Luckily I'm not a good salesman and have no marketing team or skills, so I have to rely on my wit and striking good looks to survive.
I don't teach or belong to a system or method. I will not be certifying anyone, I make no absurd claims of my work, and have no time for grandiose charlatanry.

So here is a realistic sales pitch my of my workshops:
-I give tips and suggestions based on my knowledge and experience. I don't actually know that much but my memory and retention is well above average.
-I make no guarantees on what you will learn(there is potential to learn a lot but that's up to you)
-As an acrobat/handbalancer/mover I consider myself half mediocre on a good day(though probably higher level than most people have the patience to get to). The journey I took put me at a massive disadvantage for actual skill development but made me a much better teacher. I'm still trying to always learn more and improve however I can. I say this because the best athletes are often not the best teachers, however some people teach who barely do the thing themselves.
-If you are looking for a pragmatic way to approach hand balancing, acrobatics, "movement", bodyweight strength, flexibility, etc. as an adult I think I have something to offer.
-If you enjoy mysterious pretense and like the smell of bullshit, I am not your man. There are people out there who can serve you better.
-I highly favor individuality and critical thinking over group hive-mind type situations.
-My ultimate goal as a teacher is to encourage people towards individual self-awareness. The physical arts are just something I use as a vehicle towards approaching this.
-Don't look up to me. Being like me should not be anyone's goal. I have my own shit I'm dealing with(just like anyone else) and still have a long way to go in my own self-improvement.

Anyway, that's the overly romanticized version. Now who wants to join me in learning how not to fall on their head when attempting handstands?