Below are links to some products I have an affiliation with, allowing you to get some discounts if you wish to purchase.

Descended from Odin is a viking/norse themed clothing company based out of the UK. I was one of the first ambassadors and since then the company has exploded.
Their clothes are super high quality and made in small batches using only organic fibers.
On top of that they donate a portion of their profits to environmental charities, so it’s a great company to support.
Use the code “YURI” for 10% off your order.

 Truedark glasses are excellent for blocking out the blue light from either too much computer work in the evening, or just in general to prepare for sleep. I have a pair of yellow glasses that I wear in the evening, and a pair of the red ones that I wear before bed that are super hardcore.
I also found these glasses to be incredibly valuable when traveling, to be able to relax more on the airplane and to help reset the sleep cycle when changing time zones.
use the code “yurimar” for 10% off your order.

Fran Denim makes the best jeans I have ever worn.
If you have ever watched my videos and wondered how I can move so well in jeans, it is because of this product.
The jeans are super comfortable, durable, and well made. They are designed for athletes and allow for full range of movement with no restrictions
Use the code “yurimar” for 10% off your order

Beyond Balance is a great place to get some hand made training tools such as stall bars, parallettes, handstand blocks, handstand canes, etc.
Use the code “YURI” for a 10% discount on your order.

Xero Shoes are among the best barefoot/minimal footwear I have encountered in terms of combining function, aesthetics, comfort, and durability.
I am a big proponent of the barefoot lifestyle; and when being shoeless is not a good option, this is the brand I go with.
I believe wearing shoes that allow for ground feel and natural gait is crucial for not only foot/ankle strength but also for general health.
Click the link above to get yourself a pair.