Balancing the Equation Workshops

Balancing the Equation is the title of my ebook, but also represents my general approach towards development of the physical arts.

I teach workshops on hand balance and acrobatics along with the attributes(physical and mental) required to safely train the skills. I teach my classes from an experiential and philosophical approach, mainly focused on the adult learning process.
Workshops can range in duration from 90 minutes all the way through multiple day events.  

Potential Workshop topics:
-Handstands for any level, absolute beginner through advanced
-Gymnastics tumbling
-Capoeira/tricking Acrobatics
-Moving with and across the floor
-Bodyweight strength development
-Rope Climb
-Ring strength
-Approaching any of these subjects as a complete beginner

I am very flexible with this, so if there is any specific workshop you would like to see there is a good chance we can make that happen. Feel free to contact me for more information about this.

Weekend Seminars

This is my preference when it comes to teaching, as I am able to get to know the students better.  With a longer event I can provide attendees with a more complete experience as well as more thorough information and instruction.
In general I have a very loose and open teaching style, so I don’t really have a rehearsed seminar that I teach.  Each event is different because the curriculum is decided by the level and desires of the group as well as the facility we have available.  

A weekend seminar consists of 4 3-hour sessions over two days. A typical day is morning training from 10:00-13:00, two hour lunch break, and afternoon session from 15:00-18:00.

I offer 3 different kinds of themes when it comes to weekend seminars:


Inversion Investigation

This seminar focuses on the art of hand balancing; how to approach it and make progress.  We can begin from the very basics and take it all the way up to the illusive one arm handstand.


Acrobatic Awareness

This seminar will focus on dynamic movements and different ways of connecting and interfacing with the floor.  I draw inspiration from gymnastics, dance, martial arts, capoeira, and circus.

yuriplanche (1).jpeg

Physical Philosophy

This seminar is my philosophy towards physical well-being. We will cover how to build physical attributes to help with athletic endeavors, recover from training, and increase longevity and overall body awareness.

Mix and Match Event Structure

Ultimately, the gym I am visiting will know their community better than I do. If there is any particular way you want to structure an event I can be very flexible in this regard.
Just let me know if you have anything in mind that would deviate from the above events and we can work it out.
Below are two options that have worked well in the past:

Classic Seminar is the basic formula I have used in my seminars for the last few years
Day 1:
Morning-Beginner handstands
Afternoon-Beginner/Intermediate handstands
Day 2:
Morning-Recovery flexibility, and intermediate/advanced handstands

Sampler Course is another breakdown that works well and offers a bit of everything
Day 1:
Morning-Beginner handstands
Afternoon-Flexibility, Recovery
Day 2:
Morning-Intermediate/Advanced handstands

Intensives and Other Events

I also deviate from the weekend seminar by occasionally offering 3-day immersions or week-long intensives for those who wish to delve deeper into the training.
So far I am typically hosting these in my home base of Las Vegas once or twice a year. However, I am available to travel for these types of events if there is interest.
Additionally, I am available to speak or teach at conferences, festivals, retreats and other such events. If you wish to hire me as a guest teacher or speaker, please feel free to contact me directly.

Hosting an Event

Interested in hosting an event at your studio in your area?  I try to make it easy for the host facility, but here is some information you should know:

Discounts and Refunds

-No refunds given after one month prior to the event(with some exceptions for extenuating circumstances). By this point I have already committed to the event under the pretense that a certain number of people had signed up.
-In the chance of an event cancellation, all participants will receive a full refund.
-Most events will feature some sort of early bird discount to encourage participants to register sooner(usually 4-6 weeks before the event is the cutoff). This also serves as a cutoff date for minimum numbers with respect to confirmation of the event. That means that if I do not have enough students committed by a certain date prior to an event, there is a chance of that event being cancelled or modified.
-Already attended a 2-day or longer event with me? Enjoy a 25% discount on any full day or weekend event.
-Attended two weekend or longer events with me? Enjoy a 50% discount on any full-day or weekend event.
Note that only two days or longer events qualify for additional discounts. As an example, if you did a weekend course, then later took a full day course at 25% off, you are still only eligible for the 25% discount.
-3 day and longer courses will also have a similar associated discount, but will be unique to the event.
-I do not do student or couples discounts.

Private and Group Training

I offer private training in my home base of Las Vegas or if I have some free time while I am abroad.
Please contact me for more information on rates and times.

Online Coaching

Additionally I offer the online coaching service for students unable to train with me in person who still want some individualized critique and advice.

I offer one-time skype consults or a more involved program with a minimum 3-month commitment.
Check below for options:

Goal Oriented Online Coaching
300.00 every month for 3 months