Is One Arm Handstand Worth Pursuing

Interesting question I got in one of my live chats recently, something along the lines of "is a one arm handstand worth pursuing?"

First off, I can't answer that for anyone else as you will have to find your own answers. I can, however, add some thoughts about the process so you can more easily find your own answer.

-It will take a long time. Way longer than you think. Don't even try to put a time frame on it.
-It will take a lot of commitment and sacrifice, meaning it may be difficult to also train other skills/disciplines with the same intensity.
-You have to be a little bit obsessed.
-Many people develop overuse injuries during the process because of the high volume demand.
-The process is very frustrating and repetitive.
-Be prepared to review your basics because they probably were not good enough.
-Inconsistent progress with very few aha moments.
-You'll probably want to quit as some point. Many people who undertake the journey don't ever "arrive".
-Very specific as far as skillsets go. Being able to hold OAH may not help you too much with learning other physical arts.
-Little Chinese girls warm up with your maximum efforts.

-Looks really cool.
-Feels as cool as it looks.
-Top level party trick.
-Welcome to the elite. This is something that only the tiniest fraction of a percentage of the population will ever be able to achieve. The cool thing is that almost anyone can learn this, but it's the few who are willing enough to put in the years of work.
-Feels amazing once the work you put in starts to pay off.
-Fitness goals directed towards improving a skill are far superior to spinning in place in a hamster wheel.

So is it worth it? It has been for me. I put in a lot of sacrifice and this journey has taken me many places, literally and figuratively even though I still wouldn't call myself a "hand balancer".
Will it be worth it for you? You'll just have to find out...