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  • Hardstyle Gym Opatovická 160/18 Praha 1 Czech Republic (map)

Two-Day seminar at Železná Koule CZ

Topics to be covered:

Beginner Hand Balancing- Physical preparation, alignment, arm support, inversion, balance, the psychological approach to the training and how to teach the skills.  

Int/Adv Hand Balance- Learn how to approach some of the more advanced skills like press handstand, handstand pushup, and eventually one arm handstands.  

Hanging/Pulling- Balance out the compression involved in handstand training while also being able to in crease strength, mobility.  Hanging can also develop a new set of skills and attributes that are great for athleticism and general health.  

Floor Acrobatics- Learn elements of gymnastics, tricking, and capoeira to be able to seamlessly move across the floor in different ways.  Covered will be the physical and psychological preparation as well as some of the technical details that are rarely taught.  

Mobility/Prehab/Recovery- Balance is important in training, and in this case it is important to maintain a ratio between the active work and recovery work.  

Each day will consist of two 3-hour sessions with a lunch break in between.  

Note that seminar material is not set in stone.  Every course taught is different depending on the particular group present and what they want to learn.  
All levels are welcome and there is no prerequisite for attending.  

Price: $400 USD
Registration before January 12: $335 USD
Previously attended one of my seminars: $300(email me at for discount code)

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