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2-Day Seminar in Denmark

  • Gerlev Idrætshøjskole 28 Skælskør Landevej Slagelse, 4200 Denmark (map)

2-Day Seminar on Movement, Acrobatics, Hand Balancing, Bodyweight Strength, and Mobility

Day 1:
Day one will be focused on handstand development, both how to learn and teach the skill. We will cover the basic process towards building up to the freestanding handstand as an adult. Topics include:

Physical Preparation and Acclimation
Arm Support Theory
How to Safely Bail out
Physical versus psychological restrictions in the Handstand training
The difference between holding and balancing a handstand
The 3 layers of handstand balance
Intermediate/Advanced Balancing(time permitting)

Day 2:
The second day will shift the training depending on what the group is more interested in learning. Here are some possible topics we can cover:

Intermediate/Advanced handstands(press HS, HS pushups, mexican, one arm HS, etc.)
Bodyweight strength(planche, levers, rope climb, hanging progressions, meathook progressions, etc.)
Floor Acrobatics(physical and psychological approaches to training with elements of gymnastics, capoeira, and tricking)
Flexibility Development

About Yuri
Yuri was not particularly athletic as a child. His journey into the physical arts began in
college, where he drew inspiration from martial arts films and old time strongmen. He studied physics in university, but quickly found that working in a lab or office was not
suited for him. He has since decided to pursue his love of the physical arts.
Yuri began his training as a young adult with no guidance, and eventually worked up to performing at a professional level. His progress and teaching style was developed
through endless persistence, experimentation and observation.
Yuri has trained with and learned from world-class hand balancers, circus artists, 
gymnasts and other experts in their field to further his perspective. He has also
practiced a variety of other disciplines including martial arts, dance, weightlifting, 
gymnastics and circus. All of this gives Yuri a very unique method to teach someone
of any age or skill level how to get upside down.
Above all, Yuri still considers himself a student, trying to learn all he can from any

Early Bird Price
(Register before January 18):
2 days including food and accommodation: $455 USD

2 days including food but no accommodation: $421 USD

Regular Price
(registration after January 18)
2 days including food and accommodation: $500 USD

2 days including food but no accommodation: $466 USD

If you have already attended a weekend seminar with me, please email me at for further discount. 

There are no prerequisites for this event. All levels are welcome. 

For questions about accomodation and food please contact Morten Vinther (

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