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  • Elite Athletes 11 Griffinstraat Merksem, Vlaams Gewest, 2170 Belgium (map)

Learn self-taught acrobat Yuri Marmerstein's perspective in approaching hand balancing and circus/acrobatics/gymnastics-based training as an adult. 

Subjects covered in short:
- Hand Balancing for all Levels
- How to build resilience and Injury Prevention
- Hanging/pulling progressions
- Skill-specific Strength Work
- Rope Climb Progressions and Variations
- Intro to Tumbling and Floor Acrobatics including both Standard Gymnastics Tumbling and Tricking Style Movements

In detail:
Day 1:
Fundamentals of hand balance. This includes both general and specific preparation work as well as skill work to learn, improve, and refine your ability to hold a handstand. 
No stone is left unturned. We will cover the full process of learning to perform a clean freestanding handstand and beyond. This is done in several stages: alignment, support, inversion, and balance. Also covered will be joint preparation, learning how to fall safely, and learning how to overcome both physical and psychological limitations in regards to the handstand. 
This is perfect for both beginner and advanced practitioners. Beginners will learn what to do right and wrong to not build bad habits. Advanced practitioners will learn how to make subtle refinements to increase their efficiency and mastery of their handstands as well as their ability to teach it.

Day 2. 
Day two will go over advanced hand balancing skills. This will include movements like Mexican handstand, planche, handstand pushups and press handstands, and one arm balances such as air baby, crocodile, and the one arm handstand(skill and time permitting). 

To balance out the large amount of heavy pressing, we will cover hanging and pulling progressions from the perspective of both a circus artist and a strength athlete. This will end in rope climb with variations on how to efficiently climb using the legs as well as techniques towards an arms only rope climb. 

The last subject will be an intro to floor acrobatics. This section will talk about how to approach it as an adult, learning both physical and mental preparation to the training. We will talk about the basic movements and how to constantly refine them. 

All subjects will include techniques on how to warm up and properly "tune" your body to the skills. This includes mobility, prehab, rehab, and all the like. 

Each Day will consist of a morning and afternoon session with a two hour lunch break in between. There will be approximately 6-7 hours of training and instruction per day. 

Cost: €350

To complete your registration for the workshop, please transfer the amount to Yuri's account through the following link:

There is a max of 20 participants so first come, first serve. Only after payment and reply of us is your spot secured.

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Later Event: September 5
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