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  • Light Centre Belgravia 7-9 Eccleston St London, SW1W 9LX United Kingdom (map)

A 2 day handstand workshop for beginners and advanced. Prerequisites for the advanced workshop a 30 sec handstand hold.


Saturday, June 20th
Beginner 14.30 - 17:30 £60
Advanced 18:30 - 21.30 £60

Sunday, June 21st
Beginner 12:00-15:00 £60
Advanced 17:00-20:00 £60

There will be different material taught each day.

Location: Light Centre Belgravia

For information and registration email:

Day 1:
Warmup and joint preparation
Handstand alignment
Concepts behind arm support and lead-up drills to HS
Building comfort in inversion
Wall handstands and how doing them a certain way can help or hinder your progress
How to build the reflexes to safely bail a handstand and teach others to do it

Day 2:
The difference between holding and balancing a handstand
Weight distrubion about the hands
Drills to balance by learning to use the hands like feet
Entries to Handstand
How to spot a handstand for balance
Techniques to self-correct, strengthen, and fight for balance by using broken alignment
Handstand Locomotion


Day 1:
Warm-up and Joint Prep
Refining alignment and correction of asymmetries
Refining balance to find the lowest energy state
Techniques to test and calibrate balance
Building strength and control by going in and out of broken alignment
Entries to handstand
Basic Static Positions
Movement Isolations

Day 2:
Handstands on different surfaces
Press Handstands
Mexican handstand(hollowback)
Freestanding Handstand Pushup Progressions
Low one arm balances
Progressions towards One arm Handstands

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