A few real thoughts for those considering learning OAH

Want to learn one arm handstand? Here are a couple thoughts that might either motivate or discourage you, and I've left out the fake motivational "you can do it" rubbish I hate so much.
This is based on my own experience from people who think they are ready.
Even though these thoughts are handstand specific, they can apply to any high level skill once you are at that level. 

-Your two arm handstand(along with other basics) is probably not good enough. Work on it more. Every aspect of it should be completely trivial.

-If it takes you more than one try to catch a balance on two arms, you have way more important priorities than OAH.

-You haven't, don't, and probably are not willing to spend enough time in fingertip supported OAH. Accumulate time and strive to make the fingertips as light as possible. Get to a point where holding this is almost as trivial as two arms.

-You'll have to be ok with working the same drills drills and exercises every day for months at a time. That's the reality of the training.

-There are no a-ha moments. It's going to a long, slow, drawn out, methodical process without any guarantee of linear progression.

-Consistency is king and persistence is queen. There is nothing to celebrate until you can hit intended skill with similar accuracy on a consistent basis. This will keep you way more honest than internet validation.

-Be prepared to work and sacrifice. Just playing around occasionally might be enough to maintain the skill but not to build it.

Anyway, just a few real thoughts on what it takes. In all honesty, many people who come to me thinking they are ready for one arm work are not. That doesn't mean they can't play with the concepts, but it might be better to put priorities elsewhere.