The Yuri Method(TM) of how to not be completely useless and make something of yourself(results not guaranteed)

Since anyone these days has the opportunity to be a self-professed expert on success, life, and the universe, I have decided to hold my own free webinar. Right here in this very post; and you don't even have to sign up for anything(other than follow me).

Here is the Yuri Method(TM) of how to not be completely useless and make something of yourself(results not guaranteed):
First off, know that you are nothing and your existence is fleeting as best. As a drop of water amidst an infinite ocean.
With that said, try the following:
1.Find something that genuinely interests you
2.Learn more about it
3.Try it
4.Make mistakes
5.Learn from your mistakes
6.Try again and make new mistakes. This is progress
7.Learn more
8.Keep trying and learning until your ability level matches your standards. This might take a while and your standards might change over time. This is ok. Reap the rewards of your success or accept the consequences of your failures and learn your lesson. Both of these are equal in the long term.
9.Use your knowledge and ability to help those at lower levels than you achieve their own progress(optional step but it can be fulfilling).
9a. Join a community of people with the same interest. This step is optional, but some people enjoy it. Personally I've had a couple bad experiences with communities, so this has made me naturally suspicious and more inclined to be the lone wolf(most of the time anyway).
10.Repeat the process with something new to you. 
11.Continue until expiration

A couple extra thoughts:
-The new year is trivial. Resolutions are fleeting, promises are broken, words are wind. Having the drive and taking the time and effort to improve yourself should be something embedded within your consciousness(if you take it seriously). If it takes a NYE resolution to start or break a habit, so be it, but my recommendation is to permanently continue working on yourself for the long haul. Every experience, good or bad, is an opportunity to learn something.

Never stop learning, never stop doing, keep at it until you expire.

Happy New Year


P.S. As always, don't take my advice too seriously. Following the Yuri Method(TM) may result in existential crisis. There will be side effects. Results not guaranteed.