Hand and Wrist Sequence


Hand and Wrist Sequence


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A major hindrance many adults face when trying to learn hand balancing is in the wrists.
Having immobile or weak wrists can drastically deter the ability to see progress in a hand balancing practice. On top of that, this is a joint that can take a long time to acclimate to the physical demands of the practice. Especially so when the practitioner is lacking a gymnastics background as a child.

Given the above, I believe a good wrist warm-up sequence is crucial to not only making progress but also maintaining health and longevity in a hand balance or acrobatics practice.
This wrist sequence and exercises were developed over years of my own training and research. I have been utilizing and teaching these exercises for years to help many people increase their handstand awareness while being able to recover from and help prevent injuries.
I have taken the time to go into great detail with the instruction so you can get the most out of it and be able to utilize the exercises effectively.

Following this sequence, you will feel that bloodflow to the hands has increased, and the hands will have an increased sensitivity to changes in weight distribution(massively important for hand balancing). In addition, performing this sequence along with practicing the skills will help the wrists to acclimate faster to the rigors of the training compared to only working the skills alone.

I believe that with adults learning hand balancing, this is an important piece of the puzzle and is not to be neglected.
One final note is that while this sequence is more specific to hand balance, anyone can benefit from it. This especially goes for anyone who puts a lot of strain in their hands in their chosen activities, for example climbers, aerialists, pole dancers, etc.

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