How to Walk on your Hands


How to Walk on your Hands


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A series of videos dedicated to learning how to walk on your hands. The concept and theory is a bit different than a static balance so it takes a different approach to learn.

I believe walking on the hands has more universal carryover to other disciplines compared to static balance, but it can compliment a hand balancing practice quite well. These drills are fantastic for building up the wrists and shoulders, and I also employ handstand walks as a recommended prerequisite prior to attempting to train for one arm handstands.

Handstands walks are a staple conditioning exercise in gymnastics and tumbling programs, and are also widely used in certain combative arts such as wrestling and Judo.
On top of the strength benefits and technical aspects of the skill, it can also be very fun to practice.

My hope is that this series of videos can help lessen some of the frustration for people learning to walk on their hands.

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