How to Cartwheel Video Series


How to Cartwheel Video Series


This is a video series available on my Vimeo on Demand Channel.
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The cartwheel is a basic acrobatic movement. On top of that, I think it's a move everyone should learn how to do.
This simple move combines elements of arm support, inversion, speed, coordination, timing, body awareness and spatial understanding.
Cartwheels also offer endless options for possibilities and variations once learned properly. In addition to all that, it's fun.

In my experience of teaching acrobatics to adults, I found that the cartwheel surprised me the most. Not only surprise at how many people couldn't do it, but at how many different ways they managed to screw up a seemingly simple move.
If you are one of those adults who thinks they "can't" cartwheel this video series is for you. It goes into how to begin from the very basics, how to progress once you're comfortable, and what directions you can take the movement once you have mastered the basics.
There are also some helpful cues in there for movement teachers, so you can get better results with your students.

No equipment is needed for these exercises, though it does help to have a softer floor if you are still working on your landings.
Some of the beginner variations also make use of a box or something sturdy to elevate the hands.

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