Beginner Handstand Webinar


Beginner Handstand Webinar


This is a video series available on my Vimeo on Demand Channel.
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This is some seminar footage filmed during my weekend course at Strength First in Warstein, Germany.
The topics covered are handstand basics, so this series is more useful to either handstand beginners or those who teach handstands to beginners.

Because this is live seminar footage; there are times when I go a bit off topic to tell an anecdote. Also there are moments when the participants ask some questions that I answer.

Below are the topics covered in this series:

Shoulder Warmup
Hand and Wrist Preparation
Arm Support and structural concepts relating to handstand
Crow/frogstand progressions as an introduction to arm balance
Variations on my number one exercise to help understand handstand alignment
The importance of learning to safely fall out of a handstand
Using the wall to build up the handstand position and accumulate some time in it
Concepts in refinement that apply to not only the basics but every skill we build on top of them.
How to start applying the concept of Balance into the handstand
Other details like breathing, head position, and hand placement.

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