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Long Island, NY

  • BalanceFitFlex 175 Commerce Drive, Unit N hauppage,NY (map)

Beginner Handstands - Saturday, 8/31
Intermediate/advanced Handstands - Sunday, 9/1
Acrobatics/Movement - Monday, 9/2

August 31st - Beginner Handstands
Saturday Afternoon will be a beginner focused workshop, so it will focus more on the process of how to learn the freestanding handstand as well as its variations. This workshop may also be interesting for teachers to learn new methods on handstand instruction.

Topics include:

  • Physical preparation for handstands to keep the joints healthy and prevent injury

  • Exercises to build comfort and awareness with arm support and inversion

  • Wall handstands performed in a way that encourages independence

  • Learning to safely fall out of a handstand to overcome fear

  • Developing the sensation of what it feels like to balance your handstand

  • Consistent handstand entries

  • Progressing towards freestanding handstand

  • How to spot in a way to help develop balance

  • Ways to further develop strength, versatility, and control in the handstand

September 1st - Intermediate/Advanced Handstands
Sunday will be more focused on intermediate/advanced levels, so this workshop is better suited for students who are already able to hold a freestanding handstand on their own. We will focus on refining the basics as well as learning how to approach new skills.

Class content depends on the level and desires of the group but potential topics include:

  • High level refinement of the basics

  • How to develop more control in the balance

  • How to add movement to the handstand

  • Different ways to enter and exit the handstand

  • Press Handstands

  • Handstand Push-ups

  • One Arm handstands

  • Other advanced work upon request

September 2nd - Acrobatics/Movement

This workshop will take participants through different ways of moving on a hard floor. We will be focusing on performing movements in a way that reduces impact on the body. The content will draw upon inspiration from different styles such as gymnastics, dance, capoeira, and martial arts in order to create an interesting movement vocabulary. All levels of ability are welcome.

Topics include:

  • Physical Preparation to warm up the body and help prevent injury

  • Basic coordination necessary for learning acrobatic movements

  • How to reduce impact when jumping and landing

  • Learning to become comfortable with falling

  • Basics of acrobatics: handstands, rolls, and cartwheels

  • Floorwork and other moves depending on the level and desires of the group. This topic has many possibilities, so I leave it open to see what will work better for the group.

  • Partner work to add an element of unpredictability.

*Note that actual content of the workshops are open and dependent on the level and desires of the group.

Earlier Event: August 17
San Diego, CA
Later Event: September 7
Cleveland, Ohio