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Costa Mesa, CA

Weekend Workshops on Hand Balancing and Acrobatics happening in Costa Mesa

Each Day’s sessions will go from 10:00 AM until 2:00 PM with a short break in between.

Sessions will be divided between hand balancing and acrobatics/dynamic movement. There is no skill requirement and people of all backgrounds and ability levels are encouraged to attend.

Beginner Hand Balance and Acrobatics
The Hand Balance portion will focus on the concepts necessary towards building control in a freestanding handstand. We will go into physical preparation, structural support, how to fall safely, how to develop the sensation of balance, entries into handstand, and how to spot in order to obtain the freestanding handstand.
The acrobatics portion will focus on some of the introductory elements necessary for developing an acrobatics practice as an adult, as well as building a greater sense of body awareness.
We will cover: warmup and physical preparation, jumping and landing, how to fall safely, orientation, rolls, cartwheels, and other floor movement, introductory acro skills.

Sunday 10-2
Intermediate Hand Balance and Acrobatics
The content for this day is geared more for those with previous experience, though all levels are still welcome to attend. That being said, you will get more practical benefit if you already have some proficiency in freestanding handstands and cartwheels.
The handstand portion of the workshop will focus on building more consistency and efficiency in balance, dynamic handstands, press handstands, handstand pushups, and potentially one arm handstand progressions.
The acrobatics portion will focus more on skill progressions and combinations of different movements. The specific content will depend on the group, but I like to incorporate movements from gymnastics, capoeira, tricking, martial arts, and contemporary dance.

All levels are welcome at the event, and students are encouraged to sign up for both days in order to get the full experience.
This is not a set or rehearsed workshop so the actual content will depend on the abilities and desires of the group.

$250, $225 before June 20 for both days
$150, $125 before June 20 for a single day

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