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Vienna, Austria

Full day workshop in Vienna, Austria will cover handstands, acrobatics, and flexibility techniques.

The day will be split up into two sessions with the morning being focused on handstands and the afternoon covering acrobatics and flexibility work. In between the sessions will be a 2-hour break for lunch.

Below are the general descriptions for topics we will cover in the sessions. Keep in mind that the content of the workshop is open and will depend on the abilities and desires of the group as well as the equipment we have access to.

Morning session:
-Preparation of shoulders and wrists for handstand training
-How to develop and refine the handstand alignment
-Developing the precise awareness and reaction necessary for balancing a handstand
-Training the entry to handstand in a way that enhances precision and consistency
-Partner spotting in a way that works on building independence
-Progressions towards the Press to handstand
-Plus potentially more advanced topics such as one arm handstand, handstand pushups, etc.

Afternoon session
-Physical preparation for acrobatics work to tune the body coordination and help with injury prevention
-Jumping and landing technique and concepts
-Breakfall concepts to learn how to dissipate momentum and prevent potential catastrophe
-Technique behind some basic floor moves from gymnastics, capoeira, tricking, and dance(specific content will depend on the group and facility)
-Concepts behind combining movements to create “flow”
-Finishing with flexibility work, concepts on general attribute development and progressions for specific positions such as splits, pancake, pike, and bridge

Full Day: $175 before April 15, $200 regular price
Half Day:$90 before April 15, $105 regular price

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