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San Diego, Inversion Investigation

  • aerial revolution entertainment 5370 Napa Street San Diego, CA, 92110 United States (map)

Inversion Investigation Workshops with Yuri Marmerstein

Learn new perspectives on how to approach, explore, and develop your handstand practice. The day will be split into a beginner and an intermediate/advanced session; though participants are welcome to attend both as well.

The beginner session will focus more on physical preparation, theory, and development of the basic techniques in order to get students more comfortable on their hands and create a good base for more advanced skills.

Topics covered:
-Physical Preparation for wrists and shoulders
-Alignment for the handstand, and how to get around restrictions
-Arm support using the body’s physical structure to its advantage
-Building comfort and awareness during inversion
-How use the wall to build your HS without building bad habits for the future
-How to safely bail out of the handstand to increase confidence and help prevent potential injury
-Developing balance in the handstand using a deliberate and methodical method
-Entries into the handstand and how to make them consistent
-Developing confidence and consistency in the freestanding balance

Intermediate/advanced session is for students with experience and will focus more heavily on skill development at a faster pace.
Recommended prerequisites:
-Proficiency with freestanding balance; at least 15-30 seconds consistent freestanding handstand with a decent line. Not necessarily required but students will get more practical benefit from the sessions having met this.

Topics Covered:
-Refinement of basics to a high degree of precision
-Adding complexity to the basics to increase the challenge
-Testing the balance to sharpen the reflexes
-Common and uncommon handstand shapes and transitions between then
-Movement in a static handstand
-Technique for press handstand and stalder presses
-Handstand Pushups
-Hollowback or Mexican handstand development
-Jumping in a handstand
-Developing the one arm handstand(Very complex topic with many sub-topics of its own) 

Note: actual content of the workshops will vary and depends on the level and desires of the group. 

One session, $100
Full Day, $180

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