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Washington, DC

  • Physicality GST 1371 H Street Northeast Washington, DC, 20002 United States (map)

Seminar on Hand Balance, strength, and flexibility happening in Washington, DC.

Each day will include at least 6 hours or training and instruction. Days will be split into two 3-hour sessions with a 2-hour lunch break in between.
Morning sessions will be focused on hand balance skill work while afternoon sessions will be focused on developing things like flexibility, strength, and coordination without going too deep into the skills.

To get the full experience, I recommend students attend the whole weekend. However, options are also available to sign up for individual sessions.

Schedule and workshop topics:

Saturday, 10-1
Beginner Handstands
-Physical preparation of wrists and shoulders
-Lead-up drills and exercises to familiarize participants with concepts of arm support and inversion
-Developing handstand alignment to improve handstand technique and aesthetic value
-How to safely bail out of a handstand to minimize potential risk and ensure that fear is not a hindrance to the skill work
-Approaching the wall handstand in a way that encourages progression to freestanding
-Developing the sensation of balancing the handstand using the wall as assistance.
-Finding control and consistency in the kick/jump into freestanding handstand
-How to develop the freestanding handstand
-Tips on how to more effectively teach the skills to others for coaching/trainers

Strength and Flexibility Work
Ultimately the content of these sessions will be decided by the group, but here are some potential topics:
-Mobility work to keep the joints healthy and the body loose
-Soft tissue release to reduce accumulated tension throughout the body.
-Flexibility development for the following positions: front splits, pancake, pike, back bridge, full squat.
-How to build and maintain healthy shoulders.
-Using single loop rubber as a tool for mobility, injury prevention, rehab, and joint health.
-Hanging as a tool for building strength, flexibility, and shoulder health.
-Developing classic bodyweight strength moves like planche, levers, human flag, one leg squat, etc.
-Building strong, healthy, and resilient feet and ankles.
-Progressions using the gymnastics rings
-Progressions for rope climbs
-Plyometrics to lead into basic acrobatics
-Basic acrobatic work such as rolls and cartwheel variations.

Sunday, 10-1
Intermediate/advanced handstand
Prerequisites: at least 10 seconds consistent freestanding handstand with decent form, 30 seconds recommended
This class will focus on building past the base freestanding handstand, first on detailed refinement of the basics then following progressions of the skill tree all the way up to one arm work depending on the level of the group. 
Possible topics include:
-Physical preparation for shoulders, wrist, and lower body specific to handstands. 
-Tuning and calibrating the base handstand to help address and correct asymmetries
-Advanced wall work to not only reinforce alignment, but also help build strength, endurance, and flexibility. 
-Refining of the basic handstand to make it as effortless as possible. 
-Adding complexity in the balance with basic shapes and movement patterns.
-Chaotic movement patterns while maintaining focus on balance
-Dynamic handstand work including walking and jumping
-Progressions towards the press handstand and stalder press
-Progressions towards handstand pushups, or even more advanced variations like tiger bends or 90 degree pushups
-Planche development progressions and concepts
-Progressions towards the mexican handstand or hollowback
-One arm handstand work: a lot goes into this topic, so that depends on the level of the group how far we will get

See above description for potential topics of afternoon session.

Ultimately the workshop will be adapted to the level and desires of the group, so in every workshop is a bit different.

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