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2-Day Seminar in Denver

Two full days of training and instruction split into two 3-hour sessions per day with a lunch break in between.

Event will be held at Endorphin Berkeley


Day 1


Morning session: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Hand Balancing Basics- Physical preparation, alignment diagnosis and correction, arm support theory, bailing techniques, wall handstand, and introduction to balancing a handstand versus holding one. Build a solid base to lead into advanced skills.


Afternoon session: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Intermediate Hand Balance- various entries handstand as well as different balancing techniques. Learn how to hold a still freestanding handstand in addition to different ways to catch yourself when you fall. This allows for more strength and control through advanced movements and transitions.

Covered as well will be transitions through different arm balances(such as crow, air baby and crocodile) to and from handstand.

Hanging and Pulling- To finish out a day of heavy pushing, we will cover various hanging and pulling progressions to decompress and help balance out the body.


Day 2


Morning session: 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM

Advanced hand balancing: A continuation of the previous day's transition work, as well as some progressions towards advanced skills like press handstand, Mexican handstand, and handstand pushups. Skill and time permitting, one arm handstand work may also be taught.


Afternoon session: 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM

Floor Acrobatics: This class will focus on different methods of moving on and across the floor taking inspiration from gymnastics, tricking, and Capoeira. In addition to the skill and movement work, we will also go over some of the physical and psychological preparation necessary for approaching the movements as an adult.

Finish with cool down, flexibility work, and Q&A



-All levels are welcome. Exercises for beginners and advanced practitioners will be scaled accordingly.

-Students have the option to attend individual sessions but are encouraged to attend the full weekend.

-The above is a loose outline of the schedule and is not set in stone. Actual workshop topics will depend on the skill of the group and what they are interested in learning.



Full weekend, Registration on or before April 30: $315

Full weekend, Registration after April 30: $340

Individual 3 hour session: $90

Previously attended a 2-day seminar with me: $275(Email me at for discount code)


About Yuri Marmerstein

Yuri was not particularly athletic as a child. His journey into the physical arts began in college, where he drew inspiration from martial arts fields and old time strongmen. He studied physics in university, but quickly found that working in a lab or office was not suited for him. He has since decided to pursue his love of the physical arts.


Yuri began his training as a young adult with no guidance, and eventually worked up to performing at a professional level. His progress and teaching style was developed through endless persistence, experimentation and observation.


Yuri has trained with and learned from world class hand balancers, circus artists, gymnasts and other experts in their field to further his perspective. He has also practiced a variety of other disciplines including martial arts, dance, weightlifting, gymnastics and circus. All of this gives Yuri a very unique method to teach someone of any age or skill levels how to get upside down.


Earlier Event: May 28
Las Vegas, NV
Later Event: June 25
Dublin, Ireland