Balancing the Equation(.pdf ebook)

Balancing the Equation(.pdf ebook)


The handstand is one of the most simple, yet one of the most humbling, skills in the span of the physical arts. It seems so simple, yet it can be an incredibly frustrating skill to learn. Because of this, many people think that handstands are reserved for gymnasts and circus performers. Let me say, though, that the handstand is accessible to anyone willing to put in the time.

A hand balance practice is incredibly beneficial for the body and mind. The amount of concentration required makes it a form of meditation. Physically, it is an incredible display of strength, body control and awareness. Balancing on your hands requires constantly making small adjustments within the body. There is no other art form that requires as much precision as the handstand.

This book breaks down the process to achieving a freestanding handstand for a beginner, starting from the very basics. This process is useful to those learning their first handstands as well as those who teach it, such as gymnastics coaches, CrossFit coaches and yoga instructors. The concepts detailed in this book are focused on learning the skill as an adult by promoting understanding of the art in order to make progress. It takes the mystery out of the skill, and presents it in a way anyone can learn.

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"This is a ”masterpiece” that should be in ”every” handbalancing enthusiast's library (in a ”hallowed” place of honor) ! This is a monumental work that stands alone in the genre: it has no peer in the handbalancing training field. A copy of this manual along with a rare copy of Bob Jones ”HANDBALANCING” from the 1930's would be more than enough to inspire and instruct anyone desiring to traverse tne outer limits of handbalancing ... and beyond. If you think that is hyperbole, find, purchase and peruse both books and come to your own conclusion. *Prepare to be ”floored” in the process!

If you can't find a copy of the Bob Jone's tome, don't fret; it is a very, very rare book. Just get a copy (or two) of this manual by Yuri and handstand mastery will be within your grasp at last

Hear me now and thank me later...BUY THIS MANUAL BY YURI."

-Herbert April Jr.

"Bought and just finished reading from cover to cover! Been looking for a resource like this for years. Loved the pragmatic approach and precision of instructions and photos. The goal-setting/milestone section at the end is gold. Thank you Yuri!"

-Jennifer Lee


"Just purchased a new book called "Balancing the Equation" that is a must have manual for all handstand enthusiasts. Fantastic analysis and practical progressions for straightening, strengthening and going beyond into different variations of the Handstand. Yuri Marmerstein has pain stakingly crafted an essential bible for handstands. Whether you are a beginner or expert check this book out!"

-Elliot Helms