Here are links to some people whose work and/or products I highly recommend.

Fran Demin makes the best jeans known to man.  Fantastic quality and comfort with zero restriction of movement. 
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 Truedark glasses are excellent for blocking out the blue light from either too much computer work in the evening, or just in general to prepare for sleep. I have a pair of yellow glasses that I wear in the evening, and a pair of the red ones that I wear before bed that are super hardcore.
I also found these glasses to be incredibly valuable when traveling, to be able to relax more on the airplane and to help reset the sleep cycle when changing time zones.
use the code “yurimar” for 10% off your order.

The single loop rubber bands are an incredibly and versatile training tool that I use frequently.  
RubberBanditz makes some excellent quality bands.  
Use the discount code 'yurimar' upon checkout to receive 10% off your purchase.  

Descended from Odin is a clothing brand based out of the UK.  Apart from having a badass Norse theme and logo, the clothes themselves are very high quality and are made with excellent materials.  
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Denver Circus supply is a good place to get some quality handmade blocks and canes for your handstand work.  Use the code "YURI" for a 10% discount off of your purchase.

Shilajit is something I have been taking for many years for recovery and just general health. Learn more about this product and get yours here:


Kit Laughlin is a good friend and an amazing resource on the development of flexibility; I've attended a several workshops with Stretch Therapy and learned a great deal. 
Kit has many books and videos out and I consider his work some of the best in terms of flexibility development.


I have worked with The Living Art of Armando as a aerialist and a model.  Armando is a brilliant artist who creates some amazing things. 
He has also given me valuable mentorship and guidance in the performance arts.