Goal Oriented Online Coaching


Goal Oriented Online Coaching

300.00 every month for 3 months

Goal Oriented One on One Online Coaching

This is a chance to work with me one on one over a long term in order to work towards specific goals and achieve results .
The goals will vary from person to person but they can range from handstands, acrobatics, flexibility, calisthenics, strength training, etc.
Note that certain skills are complex and are better learned from in-person instruction.

Who is it for?
Anyone is eligible for this training, but in this case I am looking to work with people who are more serious about looking to achieve specific goals.
If your goals are general in nature, the physical philosophy project may suit you better.

All levels of ability and backgrounds are welcome. The only thing I require is the ability to work on your own and be accountable for that.
If you are looking for a “fitness trainer” to motivate and supervise you this is not the right place.
My idea is that you are working for yourself. I am just helping guide you through the process towards achieving your desired skills and attributes. This way I can help you break through plateaus and avoid building bad habits in your training, but ultimately the process and work is your own.
As a teacher, I want to encourage independence over the long term.

Still interested? Let’s Begin
We will start off with a complimentary consultation just to see what your goals and intentions are, and what would be realistic to achieve in a certain time frame.
We would be looking at your background, current level of ability, amount of time you are able to dedicate to training, previous injuries/setbacks, etc.

If we decide to go ahead, then I’ll make a training plan for you to follow.
This training plan will be modified/adjusted every 4-6 weeks depending on how you respond to it.
Every two weeks I can be available for a text or video chat to check-in and see how things are going as well as address any concerns you may be having. This can be a time to submit videos of you performing the exercises for feedback.

You will also be given my personal phone number so if you have questions, comments, or concerns at any point I will be available to address them.



3 months minimum commitment at $300 USD per month, paid up front($900 USD to confirm your commitment)

After the initial 3 months, there is the option to do month-to-month at the same rate or additional 3-month blocks at a 10% discount.
No Refunds after initial 3 month commitment is made.

What do you get?

Individualized Training guidance/programming based on your goals and abilities

Fortnightly check-ins via skype or chat of your preference

Regular Video submissions for form checks and feedback

I'll be available to answer questions at any time, you will be given my personal number

Discounts to any in-person Workshops you wanted to attend

Membership to the Physical Philosophy Project Included