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 The Physical Philosophy Project

“Proper teaching is recognized with ease. You can know it without fail because it awakens within you that sensation which tells you this is something you have always known.” 

― Frank Herbert, Dune

The Physical Philosophy Project will be an online training group/platform dedicated towards helping people pursue an increased body awareness through the learning of physical arts.

My idea is to give members a way of better developing and understanding their own learning process by exposing them to various skills and concepts based on my experience and research.

I prefer to think of this platform as a guided self exploration. I will be giving guidance and feedback, but will not be supervising your practice. This way, members can learn new skills and gain new perspectives on their own terms.

One thing I really like about the exploration method is that it allows students to make their own mistakes. In turn, this allows everyone to develop their own unique perspective on the subject matter.

How it works?

Every month will have its own theme, supported by private instructional videos exclusive to the group. The themes themselves will vary quite a bit; some might be relevant to a specific movement or physical attribute, others just a concept to explore and develop.

All backgrounds and levels of ability are welcome to join this platform. I will try to include several variations to challenge people of various levels. If something is too easy or too hard, let me know and I am happy to break it down further or provide options for additional challenge.

Once you are signed up you will be placed on a special email list and private Facebook group to receive updates.

The Facebook group will be a place where you can post your exploration of the month’s theme to receive feedback and suggestions from myself and other members. You are encouraged to share your practice but by no means obligated to.

Halfway through the month we will run a group chat to address any concerns or questions people have about the content. Or simply to have a discussion.

How often are you obligated to train?

As much as you want, or not at all.
At the minimum level, you can incorporate the theme into your lifestyle or regularly scheduled training/workouts so there is no need to take any additional time out of your day.
At a more involved level you can dedicate full sessions for developing and researching the monthly theme.

If you regularly teach fitness or movement classes, you are also welcome to share the concept with your students.

As for potential themes, I have many ideas but I will also take suggestions from members on content to include.

Note that the main theme for the whole project is general physical arts. If you are expecting solely handstand focused content you might be disappointed.

Handstands and inversions will be included of course but that's a specific discipline and I want to offer a more broad perspective on the physical arts as well as health and fitness. In summary there will be handstand related themes but handstands are not necessarily the main goal.

What you get

-Exclusive HD instructional videos regarding the monthly theme
-Full Access to past content throughout the duration of your membership
-Live Group discussion mid-month
-Access to a private facebook group for members for feedback
-Discounts to Products and workshops(for 6-month and one year members)
-Exclusive events for group members



$40 per month

6 months commitment, One-time Fee of $200. Plus 20% discount towards any workshop two days or shorter

One Year Commitment, One-Time Fee of $400. Plus 40% discount towards any workshop two days or shorter(different discounts will apply for longer events)
Previous attendees of 2-day or longer workshop will also be eligible for a 25% discount.