Online coaching is a great way for those who cannot attend my events to get some personal feedback and critique.  This can be on the subject of skill work(handstand, acrobatics, etc.) or developing attributes like strength and flexibility.  

Note that what I am offering is in the form of ideas, concepts, critique, and assessment.  I am not offering program design.  

Also, please send me a video of your current level prior to scheduling a session.  


I offer three different variations to help people remotely on their journey in development of the physical arts.   Please email me at yuri, for any questions with regards to online coaching.  


Online Coaching, Phone Consult
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A one-hour voice consultation either via phone or skype.  

Online Coaching, video consult
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A one-hour video consultation via Skype.  

A downloadable video with assessment, critique, concepts for development to further your practice and help reach your goals.