I am available for travel to teach seminars around the world and do so on a regular basis.   Since I am based out of the US, to travel out of the country will  generally require special arrangements or multiple cities in order to make the trip financially viable.  Pricing might also reflect this since I pay for my own travel expenses when on the road.  

The idea behind my workshops is to expose people to a new set of skills, each with their own subtle complexities.  This immersion into a new skill will help people of any level to achieve a greater control and awareness of their own bodies. 
My goal for participants of a workshop or seminar is to come out of the event having gained a new perspective.  

The perspective I give is from someone who mostly taught himself as an adult, made all the mistakes, and developed a process through analysis, experimentation and reverse engineering.  Though I come from a self taught background, I have performed professionally and have spent a lot of time with some of the best athletes and performers in the world.  Through this experience I can teach from complete beginners through those looking to be professionals, and explain the differences of each perspective.  
Believe me when I say none of these skills came easy to me and this allows me to be much more effective as a teacher.  

Whether you are looking to learn new skills or gain some new perspectives on movement you will get a lot out of it.  My teaching style is a balance between theory and practical application.  I find this help[s to accommodate different learning styles, especially when it comes to adults.  This way participants can not only have a better idea of how a skill works, but also understand its practical application or modification to different people or situations.  

Students of all levels are open to attend my workshops with the exception of specific events that carry a skill requirement.  I teach in such a way that beginners, advanced practitioners and teachers/trainers can all get something useful out of attending.  
I keep no secrets, and I am very open with my knowledge and information.  

Email me at yuri.marmer@gmail.com for more details on how to set up a workshop or seminar.  


Price of a workshop or seminar will depend on several factors like timing, location and my own travel costs.  A full weekend course might range from $350-$500 USD per person with discounts given for early registration or for previous event attendance.   

Typically I allow the studio two free spots(not counting towards profit split) for a one day or longer workshop.  
The studio owner gets one free workshop spot for events of 3 hours or less.  

For multiple day workshops I do profit sharing with the host facility depending on the number of paid participants, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 20.  

Profit sharing goes as follows:
10-12: 90/10
13-14: 85/15
15-17: 75/25
18-20: 70/30

The studio cut would be this percentage of the grand total profits minus the travel expenses I have incurred.   

I also kindly ask the studio not run classes or open gym at the same time as the workshop.  This to minimize distraction and ensure the quality of my instruction.  

Short length workshops are available upon request, so feel free to contact me and we can work something out.  

Note that though I will do what I can to help promote, it is the host studio's responsibility to reach the minimum numbers of attendance in order to confirm a workshop.  

Workshops requiring me to travel far will require confirmation of minimum numbers ahead of time.  If minimums are not reached I will either choose to cancel or modify the event.  
In the event of a cancellation, all paid participants would receive a full refund.


Check this page for a list of workshop topics I am able to cover as well as the approximate length of each: